We're very excited to announce that Adrian Tchaikovsky's award-winning science fiction masterpiece, CHILDREN OF TIME, has been optioned for film! A glorious interstellar epic featuring the last remnants of humanity and sentient space spiders - this is ideal movie material. 

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Adrian Tchaikovsky’s award-winning novel, Children of Time, has been optioned by Peter Kang – President of Production at Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate pictures. The option was agreed by Simon Kavanagh at the Mic Cheetham Agency in London, working with the United Talent Agency in LA. Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate have been behind some of the biggest blockbusters of the decade, including the Hunger Games and the Twilight saga.

Children of Time is set in the far future, when the last remnants of humanity are forced to flee our dying planet – and it tells of two civilizations on a collision course. Following ancient star maps, reminders of a golden age, we rediscover a lost treasure: a planet terraformed and prepared for human life. But it is not unoccupied. In the long years since the world was abandoned, new masters have turned it from a refuge into mankind’s worst nightmare. But who are the true heirs of this new Earth?

Bella Pagan, Editorial Director at Pan Macmillan, commented: ‘I couldn’t be happier about this. Adrian’s fabulous book has been optioned by a fabulous production company with an incredible reputation.’

Translation Rights for Children of Time have been sold in Germany, France, Spain, Japan, the Czech Republic, Poland, Georgia, Russia, Hungary and Romania. For translation rights’ enquiries please contact Sarah Harvey on [email protected] or Marcella Del Bosco at [email protected]. Adrian’s more recent works include fantasy novels The Tiger and the Wolf and The Bear and the Serpent. The Hyena and the Hawk – the trilogy finale – is publishing in spring 2018.