Roll up, roll up, have we got a fantastic new cover for YOU! Yes, that's right, you, right there! Want to see something new and dazzling? Prepared to be amazed? You've come to the right place! Pan Macmillan and Tor UK are proud to present . . . *drumroll* . . . FREEKS.

An atmospheric story set in a circus in 1980s Louisiana, FREEKS is a new standalone novel by Amanda Hocking, author of the phenomenal Trylle Trilogy and the Kanin Chronicles. Expect powerful mysteries and dark secrets in this paranormal romance - pitched by Amanda as 'Pretty in Pink meets The Lost Boys but with absolutely no vampires'. The tone of the novel was influenced by all sorts of things, from gothic novels to pulpy horror, and will definitely be of interest to anyone who enjoyed the latest Netflix phenomenon, Stranger Things. So we went for a cover to match, designed by Justine Anweiler, incorporating gothic and horror touches whilst also emphasizing the enigmatic, somewhat nostalgic allure of the circus . . .

If you want to get in the mood, you can listen to Amanda's specially-created playlist of songs that inspired the story, here on youtube.

FREEKS will be published in the UK in paperback and ebook on the 9th February 2017. But if that's too long to wait, why not check out some of Amanda's other work in the meantime? You can read free extracts from all of her bestselling novels here. And scroll down below the image for a hint at what awaits you inside. . . 

But now, the moment you've all been waiting for . . . *cue spotlights* THE BOOK COVER!


The Carnival is all she's ever known - but an old terror could tear it down.  

In the spring of 1982, the carnival comes to small-town Cauldry, Louisiana. Then events take a dangerous turn. For Mara Besnick, the carnival is home. It's also a place of secrets, hidden powers and a buried past - making it hard to connect with outsiders. However, sparks fly when she meets local boy Gabe Alvarado. As they become inseparable, Mara realises Gabe is hiding his own secrets. And his family legacy could destroy Mara's world.

They find the word 'freeks' sprayed on trailers, as carnival employees start disappearing. Then workers wind up dead, killed in disturbing ways by someone or something. Mara is determined to unlock the mystery, with Gabe's help. But can they really halt this campaign of fear?

* * *

Praise for Amanda Hocking

'Generated an excitement not felt in the industry since Stephanie Meyer or perhaps even J.K. Rowling'
New York Times

‘A fast-paced romance . . . addictive’

‘A paranormal romance as addictive as Twilight’

'Amanda Hocking always has interesting, intense and beautiful storylines'
USA Today