It's been some time since Amanda Hocking launched a new series and WHAT a fun one this is too! Frostfire, book one of the Kanin Chronicles, is out now and you can see the full, frankly stunning Frostfire cover art below - along with the cover art for the next books Ice Kissed and The Crystal Kingdom. This whole trilogy is just full of adventure, betrayal and romance and really shows off Amanda's ability to write a real YA page-turner. 


One thing we are particularly excited about is Amanda's return to the setting of her hugely popular Trylle trilogy, which became such an international phenomenon. And Amanda's shared just why she wanted to revisit the world:

'I loved creating the world of the Trylle (see a free extract from Switched, book one here), but Wendy's story only showed the tip of the iceberg. I knew that I wanted to write a complimentary tale from the eyes of someone who'd grown up in the world and knew it inside and out and could really showcase everything that's going on the troll world. Originally, I envisioned possibly writing the books from Ember's point of view, but eventually I realized that I wanted to start with a brand-new character, who became Bryn Aven. Bryn is fierce and tough, and she won't take crap from anybody, and I absolutely adored writing her and showing how she tackles the obstacles in her way.'

The final UK Frostfire cover was put together by our wonderful designer Justine Anweiler, who had this to say: 'As the first in the trilogy, I wanted to keep the cover for Frostfire simple but striking. By using an all blue colour palette with a hit of red I was able to romanticise the icy environment whilst conveying the character’s bravery and independence'. And we owe the depiction of Bryn to illustrator Michael Heath, with the background images coming courtesy of Shutterstock.

When I briefed the cover, I wanted to maintain something of a link too to Amanda's previous series set in this world, the Trylle trilogy. The covers for these books were different in style, but they had the same quite monochromatic background, ornamented with a hit of colour to lift the design. Also, we've used the same fonts for our cover lettering, to show a consistency across both series. This signals that both series are part of the same book family as it were. And now the brief is behind me and the cover is done, I'm really so happy with just how gorgeous it looks. And on the physical book, the reader will be able to admire the silver-blue foil and little flecks of foil across the cover to give a snowy-icey feel. And do us know what you think in the comments.

You can also see some of the *amazing* quotes for the Trylle trilogy here along with a fabulous teaser trailer and video of Amanda. Now for the ACTUAL COVERS themselves... 



 The Trylle Trilogy covers

Switched by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking

Torn by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking

Ascend by Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking