This month we are reissuing Julian May's Intervention and the phenomenal Galactic Milieu trilogy, which follow on from her Saga of the Exiles series, reissued last month. These books have garnered a some amazing praise from fans and authors over the years, but they have also been given some pretty fruity and psychedelic covers during that time, too. To celebrate the publication of these books and their artistic heritage, here is a collection of some of their previous iterations, plus their new cover look for those that haven't yet seen it:


 jack-the-bodiless-old-2  diamond-mask-old-1

 diamond-mask-old-2  magnificat-old-12

magnificat-old-22  magnificat-old-3

And these are the new covers:

intervention1_1 jack-the-bodiless1_1

diamond-mask_1 magnificat_1