Now January is here, it's UK launch time for Cherie Priest's fabulous Ganymede - a stand-alone adventure set in the same steampunk world as her Boneshaker and Dreadnought novels that we published last year. This is an espionage extravaganza set in an alternative version of historical New Orleans and you can find a free extract to whet your appetites here.

In the novel, Josephine Early, New Orleans brothel owner and Union spy, has a mission which might just end the Civil War. She must deliver Ganymede, an astonishing prototype submarine, to the North. But the giant war machine is at the bottom of a lake, no one has safely piloted it and she must sneak its huge bulk past enemy forces. The undead also make an appearance along the way!

It's brilliantly written and I love Cherie Priest's dedication in the front 'to everyone who didn’t make it into the history books . . . but should have.' Her work is excellently researched but she makes the narrative point that 'if you’re okay with zombies shambling around New Orleans in the nineteenth century . . . then I’d like to think you can forgive some finessing of politics and geography.' Also, which made me laugh a lot, she says her history is at least as accurate as her portrayal of the living dead.

Before leaving you with some wonderful praise for the series below, I'm going to include something from a Fantasy Faction review, a wonderful endorsement:

'In Ganymede, Cherie Priest continues to explore an alternate universe, war torn US in the late nineteenth century. After reading and thoroughly enjoying Boneshaker and Dreadnought (and then hunting down every Clockwork Century short story I could possibly find), my expectations for Ganymede were by necessity high. That being said, I can’t report that I love the series anymore. Oh no. Now I adore it.'

You can find Cherie Priest's updated steampunk gallery here, plus other posts on her books on the blog here. And now, just some of that praise for those wonderful Clockwork Century novels:

‘Everything you’d want in such a volume . . . a hoot from start to finish, pure mad adventure’
Cory Doctorow

‘A steampunk-zombie-airship adventure of rollicking pace and sweeping proportions, full of wonderfully gnarly details. This book is made of irresistible’
Scott Westerfeld

‘It’s awesome. I loved everything about it’
Wil Wheaton

‘A rousing adventure tale that breathes a roaring soul and thundering heart into the glittering skin of steampunk. Stylish, taut, and wonderful, it’s a literary ride you must not miss!’
Kat Richardson

‘A rip-snorting adventure . . . Priest has crafted a novel of exquisite prose and thrilling twists . . . absolutely unique and one hell of a fun read’
Caitlin Kittredge

‘Intelligent, exceptionally well-written and showcasing a phenomenal strong female protagonist . . . this yarn is a must-read’
Publishers Weekly

‘Riveting adventure story . . . Boneshaker simply pulls you in and doesn’t let go’

‘Cherie Priest is the high priestess of steampunk’
Seattle Times