Buying gifts is hard. Buying gifts for a geek is really hard. But it doesn’t have to be! Don’t settle for a polite ‘thanks’ followed by the inevitable discard: if you want to light up their faces with a present they’ll genuinely love simply follow this handy guide:

dressing-gown_1Vintage Pendant Necklace, £16: because nothing says “I care in a cool way” like steampunk jewellery. Whether you want to pretend your special someone is in a Bioshock videogame or they simply appreciate the aesthetic of this enduring style, this will be a pleasant surprise for whomever receives it. Buy here.

Hobbit Letter Opener, £29: Who hasn’t occasionally fantasised that their mail is a blood thirsty orc? Make the dream a bit more real with awesome replica of Frodo’s “Sting” sword. Sadly it doesn’t like up when it detects bills, but we’re working on it. Buy it here

Jedi Dressing Gown, £34.99: At a great price and fabric that feels even better than the force, “these are the nightwears you’re looking for.” Lightsabers not included. Buy it here

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar , £24.99: The trouble with normal advent calendars is you eat the chocolatestar-wars-advent-calendar_1 and that’s it. Fun’s over. But lego have other ideas – each contains a great new toy and come Christmas you can play with the whole set! Even Darth Vader joins in the merriment with a snazzy Santa suit. Buy it here.  

Dr Who Tardis Fridge Cover, £99.99: The only cover in the world which somehow makes your fridge appear bigger on the inside! Just don’t spend the night in it. Buy it here.  

Shark With Frickin’ Laser Pointer, £9.99 approx: Its maker states that it’s ‘exactly what it says it is,’ and we can’t disagree. This handheld shark with an attached laser pointer makes the perfect stocking filler that will delight and annoy in equal measure depending on where it’s pointing. Buy it here

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, £26.53: Now you mention it, the ship does look like the perfect pizza splicer! Pizza CutterCut through dough at warp speed with this gem of a present that will delight Trekkers and pizza aficionados alike. Buy it here.  

If you have any other gift ideas for geeks, share them in the comments below!