great-north-road-boxed-limited-edn_1With publication of Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton imminent (this Thursday type of imminent - whoot!) we are delighted to confirm that we will be doing a signed, slipcased, limited edition of the book. The limitation will run to 500 copies only, and the slipcase box shows off the fabulous artwork featured on the regular hardback jacket (thanks again to Steve Stone) with an attractive matt-laminate finish.  

The signing sheet itself is lovely, this being a knocked-back black and white version of the artwork shown on the front of the box. You can see a picture of Peter’s stack of signing sheets below, and we wish you much pleasure if you decide your bookshelf currently sports a yawning, empty void (see what I did there…) where this slipcased edition should live. Should you wish to know (obviously we're hoping you do!) you can get this via the Pan Macmillan website here (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Box Set' - to purchase using either the pre-order or buy button) or order from all your usual retailers*.


Here's that picture of Peter's signing sheet stack, all now trimmed, checked and 'tipped in' to the special edition post-signing. And see other Peter F. Hamilton videos, posts and cover art here.



*If you can't see the the buy button on our site, then we have an agreement in place not to sell in your country via our own website. However, it will be available from your usual retailers, or from our sister company site for Australian readers: Pan Macmillan Australia