Many of us are celebrating Easter* at Eastercon this weekend in a special genre way, that has become something of a tradition to many. But to those at home, here are some chocolate geek-treats to admire (or go out right now and hunt down for your own...) To continue the egg theme have a look at these other strange objects below ...   *We hereby appreciate that chocolate eggs are a rather frivolous outcropping of this festival, but one we hope you'll enjoy!




The Doctor Who Easter eggs (literally) ...



Game of Thrones dragon-egg paperweight (yes, not made of chocolate, no not strictly even a tenuous connection to Easter, but its egg-ness earnt it a place) ...



These robot egg-inhabitants look pretty cool ...



And lastly, not even an egg, but a complete random. For those who think Easter should have a lot to do with mobile phones, here's your traditional chocolate Easter mobile phone (!) Enjoy ...e-mobile-bg


We can't guarantee the above are this season's treats, but hope you have a break filled with your favourite things for this time of year!