Easter is all about chocolate eggs, a four day weekend, a religious holiday, bunnies and The Great Escape reruns right? Wrong.  Easter is all about Eastercon.  Never heard of it? Well my friend, I've put together a handy guide to one of the UK's biggest SF conventions for those attending for the first time, with a little help from Tor author Paul Cornell

Easter Chicks

What is Eastercon?
Eastercon is the annual British National Science Fiction Convention.  This year’s convention is Satellite 4, and is taking place on 18th-21st April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow (UK).  You can find out all things Eastercon on their very own wiki page

What happens at Eastercon?
Imagine over 1000 fans of SF and Fantasy from around the world, in the same place as your favourite authors.  Mix in workshops, The Ambassadors Ball, panel events, dancing, costumes, an art show, a dealers’ room, a quiz, more costumes, a Doctor Who sing-along, puppets, the Hugo Award Nominations and more, and you have… Eastercon!  Tor author Charles Stross is attending the festival this year as a swish sounding Guest Emeritus. Plus there are guests of honour including John Meaney, Juliet E McKenna, Jim Burns, Alice and Steve Lawson, and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell and many, many more! To find out about this year’s programme, check out the official website here

What do I do at Eastercon?
Well here is some advice from seasoned veteran (and author of The Severed Streets) Paul Cornell: “Go to the Hugo Award nominations announcement, because it's always exciting, and there'll be eager nominees in the audience ready to cheer.  Don't be afraid to approach authors, especially in the bar.  We generally regard ourselves as being 'on duty' at conventions, and the offer of a drink is always welcome.  Make your questions at panels fun and concise.  Book launches and receptions are good fun, and a good way to meet people.”

What should I wear to Eastercon?
I suggest this as a starting point. See you in the bar, I will be the one wearing The Log Lady costume.