Congratulations on making it through most of January 2016, Tor readers! It's a tough month, but it's about to get better because tomorrow, the 28th Jan, sees the paperback publication of Lucy Hounsom's epic STARBORN. Can't wait? Neither can we. Which is why we are very excited to reveal the stunning cover for the sequel: HEARTLAND.

Following the same lush style as the Starborn cover, but highlighted in fiery orange and copper tones rather than mellow blue and gold, Heartland will stand out on the shelf. Mmmmm, copper foil. Designer Joanna Thomson has done an amazing job here, creating a book you can't help but want to pick up. Heartland  will be out in hardback and ebook on 30th June - put it in your diaries!

If you're interested in the backstory of this cover design, check out our cover reveal for Starborn from earlier this year, which has lots of insider info on the whole cover design process. And read on for a tantalizing glimpse into Heartland...


She came to protect a people, but she needs to preserve a world

Kyndra has saved and damned the people of Mariar. Her star-born powers healed a land in turmoil, but destroyed an ancient magic – which once concealed them from invaders. Now Kyndra must head into enemy territory to secure peace.

She finds the Sartyan Empire, unstable but as warlike as ever. It’s plagued by dissident factions, yet its emperor still has the strength to crush her homeland. The Khronostians could help Kyndra, as assassins who dance through time, or they might be her undoing. And deep within the desert, Char Lesko struggles to control his own emerging powers. He’s been raised by a mercenary whose secrets could change everything – including the future and the past.

But when Kyndra and Char meet, will their goals align? Kyndra must harness the full glory of the stars and Char has to channel his rage, or two continents will be lost.


Praise for STARBORN

‘Evocative, original worldbuilding and a wonderfully feisty heroine: top marks to Lucy Hounsom’ 
Karen Miller

‘A brave heroine, a perilous destiny, and an intriguing world full of myth and mystery make for an enthralling read’ 
Gail Z. Martin

‘What a mix: immersive worldbuilding, secret societies, a flawed and hugely likeable protagonist, and awesome magic. There's a lot to like here, but be warned, this book will seriously damage your sleep’ 
John Gwynne

‘Has all the elements to become a modern classic of the genre. It’s essentially a coming-of-age story that breaks out into a wide-screen fantasy extravaganza with huge stakes’ 
Independent on Sunday

‘A genuinely impressive debut’
The Book Bag

Starborn is a solidly crafted, accessible, big fat Fantasy book that you can immerse yourself in. It is a tale that both comforts and surprises, and is pleasingly assured for a debut novel’