Heaven's Fall HB - designed by Jon PelhamWe have an evocative, stand-out cover to reveal today, for the fantastic HEAVEN'S FALL (...mini-drum roll...) which is published in hardback in August. We've had praise for this series from everyone from George R. R. Martin to Gregory Benford and Guillermo del Toro, with excitement from SFX and Sci-Fi Now too, and this book ends the series on a real high. More detail on those quotes and the blurb is below. And the authors were also thrilled, with David Goyer saying 'one of the unexpected joys of having multiple editions is seeing what each territory comes up with for cover designs.  Pelham's have been a real treat.' And Michael Cassutt  gave an enthusiastic thumbs up too: 'Jonathan Pelham's designs for the Heaven series have been striking and evocative, and his vision for HEAVEN'S FALL is the best yet.' I love it when our authors love our covers as much as we do! 

Jonathan Pelham has done a great job as cover designer on this series, and when I talked to him about the cover he said ‘the challenge with illustrating a science-fiction cover is that you're trying to define something that is sometimes loosely defined. This is because science-fiction relies on the reader's imagination more than most other genres. It invites us to create the uncreated, and that's one reason why I think this genre is exciting to readers. So I always feel uncomfortable in forming readers' ideas of how this landscape looks. That's the job of the authors, in my opinion. The brief was clear though, so I decided that geometry – a universal constant – would give me something solid to which I could pin my image of this landscape. I ended up layering various shapes until it looked like a city. But hopefully there's enough ambiguity in there that it doesn't get in the way of the text.’

Here's some of that great praise for the books (their facebook page is here), and the blurb follows:


‘Engrossing … in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. Heinlein’
George R. R. Martin

‘Recalls Arthur C. Clarke at his heights … Better still, there's more to come!’
Gregory Benford

‘Goyer and Cassutt offer a compelling yarn about first contact in the near future’
David Brin 

‘A terrific SF novel from two of the hottest scriptwriters in Hollywood… Prepare to have your world rocked’
Robert J. Sawyer 

‘Understands genre while turning it over its head … pulse-pounding’
Guillermo Del Toro

‘In the tradition of Rama and Ringworld … plotted like an old-school SF story, it’s firmly in the modern cinematic trend in its writing style’

‘A compulsive read… Goyer and Cassutt know their craft well’

‘A gripping space adventure and a true page-turner’

*  *  *  *  *


Humanity is facing its greatest challenge. The alien Reivers have conquered our world, and their newly erected strongholds cast alien shadows across a subjugated land. Twenty years earlier, extraterrestrials first came to Earth. Small groups were abducted by these seemingly hostile entities, and stranded on a spacecraft they named the Keanu. However, these entitles journeyed here for help - against the Reivers who had overrun their home-world. But they’d carried their contagion to the stars, and brought the Reivers to us. So when Keanu finally re-establishes contact with earth, a terrifying picture emerges.

Reivers control the planet and are now preparing to destroy Keanu. Rachel Stewart, who grew up on the ship, is to head up a band of Earth's last freedom fighters in a final bid for victory. Their goal is to infiltrate a massive Reiver fortress. But, somehow, Keanu holds the key. If those onboard can't find it, humanity will be finished. And the galaxy will be next.

*  *  *  *  *

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