How many of you went to see Man of Steel recently? Unbelievably, I still haven't seen it (*shamefaced*). I love a good superhero movie, especially one written by the fabulous David S. Goyer, (who also wrote Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, The Flash, and the recent Batman films). I'm familiar with David because he is a co-author of some of our books, Heaven's Shadow, Heaven's War and the upcoming Heaven's Fall, all written with TV producer and novelist Michael Cassutt. Michael's own TV work includes producing, writing or both for The Outer Limits, Beverly Hills 90210 and The Twilight Zone, so these novels are especially exciting because they are written by two big names in the genre community. 

Now these novels aren't superhero novels, but they are hugely exciting SF adventure stories. Here I'm going to tell you a bit about them....


In 2016 a pair of amateur astronomers spot an unidentified object – an object one hundred kilometres across and heading towards Earth. As it approaches, NASA and the Russian-Indian-Brazilian Coalition race to land vehicles on the unexplored surface. With power, money and politics behind each mission, both crews have orders to stop at nothing to get there first.

Zack Stewart, NASA’s team leader, is determined to succeed. But as they’re about to land, violent explosions from the meteorite’s surface propel it directly into Earth’s orbit. Analysis shows the explosions were timed and deliberate – but by whom and why? As the world holds its breath, Zack makes a discovery that will change the course of humanity... forever.

This is the first novel in the series. Gregory Benford described it as 'a big, sprawling epic that recalls Arthur C Clarke at his heights. It moves steadily through surprising twists, reverses, revelations and a big finish'. I feel this really sums up the novel. 

Click here to read an extract from Heaven's Shadow


When an unidentified object is spotted hurtling towards Earth, two rival teams race to claim it. But the affectionately-named ‘Keanu’ conceals dangerous secrets. Instead of barren rock, astronauts discover a giant ship with an extra-terrestrial crew. A ship with a mission and a message: help us. A brave new frontier beckons, but it comes at a price.

Without explanation, small groups of humans are transported from earth’s scientific communities to Keanu’s interior. Their first task is to stay alive. Their second, to explore their new home and locate their keepers. But above all, as the ship starts to break down around them, they must figure out why they were brought here and forge a path home.

This second novel starts right where the first one left off, plunging you straight into the action on board the mysterious ship, Keanu. 

Click here to read an extract from Heaven's War. The paperback for Heaven's War was out earlier this month.


Humanity is facing its greatest challenge. The alien Reivers have conquered our world, and their newly erected strongholds cast shadows across a subjugated land.

Twenty years earlier, extraterrestrials first came to Earth. They abducted humans; stranding them on a spacecraft named Keanu. However, these entities came seeking our help -- against the Reivers who had overrun their home-world. But they brought the Reivers to us, carrying their contagion from the stars. Then when Keanu finally re-establishes contact with Earth, terror awaits.

Reivers now control the planet and are preparing to destroy Keanu. And Rachel Stewart will leave the ship to lead Earth's last rebels in a bid for freedom; their goal being to infiltrate a Reiver fortress. But somehow Keanu holds the key to our salvation – and if it can’t be found, humanity will be finished. The galaxy will be next.

This third and final installment brings the series to its epic climax. Click here to read an extract from Heaven's Fall.

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