Neal Asher's Transformation series comes to a dramatic conclusion in in March 2017 with the publication of INFINITY ENGINE.

Following Dark Intelligence and War FactoryInfinity Engine is a no-holds-barred space opera set in Asher's popular Polity universe. Here, humanity lives alongside powerful artificial intelligences in the uneasy aftermath of a great war with the alien Prador. A war that some would love to reignite . . .

If you're new to the series, you can read free extracts from both Dark Intelligence and War Factory here.  

Cover artist Steve Stone has created a fantastic design for this new hardback, full of drama and energy, which also ties in with the colour palette of the previous two books in the series. A space station bristling with weapons and hovering dangerously on the edge of a black hole - you get the feeling that serious action could break out at any moment. Read on for a taste of the plot . . .


On the cusp of a black hole, the future of the Polity hangs in the balance.

Several forces are now pursuing the rogue AI Penny Royal, and the Brockle is the most dangerous of all. This criminal swarm-robot AI has escaped its confinement and is upgrading itself, becoming ever more powerful in anticipation of a deadly showdown.

Events escalate aboard Factory Station Room 101, the war factory that birthed Penny Royal. Here, humans, alien prador, and an assassin drone struggle to survive amidst insane AIs and technology gone wild. The situation is further complicated by the unexpected arrival of the Weaver. The Weaver is the last of the Atheter, resurrected from a race that suicided two million years ago. But why would Penny Royal want an Atheter here? And what could it contribute to the dark AI’s plans?

And beyond the war factory, a black hole conceals a tantalising secret – one that could destroy the entire Polity.

* * * 

Praise for the Transformation series

'What Asher delivers here is state-of-the-art SF on so many levels . . . a compelling, smart read'

'One of his best works so far . . . Asher is a modern master of Sci-Fi'
Starburst Magazine

'Beautifully paced . . . does just as well as at slam-bang action scenes as at painting frightening pictures . . . This is space opera at a high peak of craftsmanship'
Publishers Weekly

'An imaginative, epic space opera that manages to present a dark future universe full of vibrant spaceships, people, creatures and intelligence. Highly enjoyable and highly addictive'


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