The rumour mill was in overdrive last week when it was announced that film rights had been sold for Naomi Novik's thrilling and magical novel UPROOTED. And whilst it seemed that some reports had jumped the gun before it was a done deal, we can now OFFICIALLY announce that Warner Brothers have optioned the rights for the stunning novel, with Ellen DeGeneres and Jeff Kleeman set to produce the film adaptation.  

We can't wait to see the creators of Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings bring this enchanting story to life on the silver screen in what is hoped to be a series of wonderful fantasy films!  We're already taking bets on who will be cast as Agnieszka, and Novik expressed her excitement at seeing the Wood on the  big screen on her own site last night. 

If you haven't had a chance to read this spellbinding novel yet then take a look at this FREE extract. You are guaranteed to want to read the rest.



‘I didn't know how much I wanted to read a book like this until it was already in my hands. Uprooted has everything I love about Novik's writing style, with the added bonus of some old world magic and the flavor of a dark faerie story’

Patrick Rothfuss

‘Uprooted by Naomi Novik is enchanting, in every sense of that fine old word.  A charming and inviting story that looks unflinchingly at the strangling roots of hurt and revenge’

Robin Hobb

‘The magic in Uprooted, with its realistic moral dimension, is so vividly believable that it almost seems you could work the spells. But the book will do that for you’

Ursula K. Le Guin

‘Novik combines familiar elements in a beautifully original way to give us a story that is by turns surprising, heart-pounding, tender, and always engrossing’

Charlaine Harris

‘Uprooted has everything I love: a great heroine, new takes on old myths and legends, and surprising twists and turns. A delight’

Cassandra Clare

‘Magical and practical, otherworldly and planted in the real, I could NOT stop reading this book and neither will you!’

Tamora Pierce

‘Wild, thrilling and deeply, darkly magical. An instant classic’

Lev Grossman

‘The most darkly compelling fantasy I've read in ages, Uprooted is overflowing with profound dread and real beauty, and boasts a heroine who blazes with spirit and originality.  Not to be missed!’

Christopher Golden

‘Every so often you come upon a story that seems like a lost tale of Grimm newly come to light. Uprooted is such a novel. Its narrative spell is confidently wrought and sympathetically cast. I might even call it bewitching’

Gregory Maguire

 'Reading Uprooted was like rediscovering a favorite old sweater, familiar and beloved. It feels as if it has always existed and has been waiting patiently for me to return to it’

Maggie Stiefvater

‘I am utterly enchanted . . . makes me feel like a teenager discovering fantasy all over again . . . it's a masterpiece of fairytale narrative’

Lucy Hounsom

‘What a read. I absolutely loved it . . . There were serious Brothers Grimm undertones (no bad thing), but it also reminded me of Neil Gaiman, in that it felt like a faery tale for a modern audience. Highly recommended!’

John Gwynne 

‘Familiar as a Grimm fairy tale yet fresh, original, and totally irresistible. This will be a must-read for fantasy fans for years to come’

Publishers Weekly