I read Jeff Noon's VURT many years ago now and it's a book that resonates and somehow gets into the blood -- rather like like the hallucinogenic feathers at the heart of this novel. So I'm delighted to announce some really exciting news on a new incarnation of  VURT.


Next year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novel, we'll be bringing out a beautifully-packaged small hardback edition of the novel. This will feature a prologue by a more recent Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner, the critically acclaimed Lauren Beukes. She has done a wonderful job in examining what the novel has meant to her and others -- also including commentary from authors such as William Gibson, Chuck Wendig and Richard Kadrey among others, to show the impact of this novel in the genre cannon. And as says, 'VURT was a breath of fresh air at the time it was published and it remains so today’. The book has many fans and, unsurprisingly given that it won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the award's director Tom Hunter is one of them. You can also read his previous enthusiastic post on VURT here.


Also (No ... treats not done yet!), Jeff Noon has written three original short stories set in the world of VURT to include within the anniversary edition. These are hauntingly beautiful and exquisitely crafted, and really show the power of Jeff's writing in the short form. You can follow him on @jeffnoon if you want a taste of his 'microfictions', stories in 140 characters or fewer. The new edition will be released in April of next year, in the same month as a reissue of POLLEN, a stand-alone novel set in the same world.



For those who *just can't wait* until then, we've also just acquired ebook rights in both VURT and POLLEN. These haven't previously been available in electronic format, but are on sale from today - though you'll have to wait until April next year for that extra anniversary-edition content!


We'd also like to say a big thank you to Curtis McFee, who has designed the covers for both VURT and POLLEN with great style and flair. You can click here for more info on both novels and I'll finish by leaving you with some well-deserved praise:



Praise for VURT

'VURT was an SF novel that was really fresh and peculiar at a time when we were constantly being told that lots of SF novels were really fresh and peculiar, but they often weren't'
William Gibson

'It was subversive, transgressive. It got under your skin like Cronenberg, or like Poppy Brite'
Chuck Wendig

'VURT was a better Philip K. Dick novel than most of Dick’s own books. Like NEUROMANCER, VURT felt utterly of its time and a little ahead of it ...To this day, whenever I see a stray feather on the ground I think of VURT'
Richard Kadrey

'It was, much more than NEUROMANCER, the SF version of my life'
Paul Cornell

Vurt is a gripping piece of speculative fiction’

'Passionate, distinctive, demanding and enthralling'
The Times

'Refreshing, disturbing and original'

'Too beautiful for bikers, too harsh for hippies'
New Stateman and Society


*  *  *  *  *

Praise for POLLEN

‘Britain’s first star of cyberpunk’

‘As weird as it is wonderful’
The Times

‘Great Fun. Read it’
Mail on Sunday

‘Surprising in its subtlety and deftness of characterization’
The Times

‘A genuinely new flavour . . . the first of the psychedelic cyberfantasists’
Time Out

‘The same imaginative flair and gift for wildly mixed imagery that enlivened VURT’
Publishers Weekly