Jeff Noon's marked up 'script' of Vurt

A few weeks ago, Jeff Noon came into the office to record some audio snippets of him reading from the imaginative thrill-ride that is Vurt. This was fun as I'd only vaguely been aware that we had a recording studio! Cue wandering down some maze-like corridors to a part of the office I'd never even known was there, to a tiny cupboard-like room with (to my untutored eye) some rather retro-looking looking recording paraphernalia. But, this is where the magic happens! Jeff's reading was rich, gritty and massively atmospheric. The surroundings fell away and I saw what his agent had meant, when she said his readings were really something special. I hope you enjoy the audio snippets embedded below (Audible has produced an audio version of the book itself). And there are pictures and links to other Jeff Noon content below that.







The 20th Anniversary Edition of Jeff Noon's Vurt features a foreword by Lauren Beukes and three fantastic new Jeff Noon short stories, all set in the extraordinary world of Vurt. Both the 20th anniversary edition of Vurt and the reissue of Pollen are published this month. And there are more articles on and by Jeff on here.  

You can see the Vurt trailer here
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Vurt and Pollen wallpapers available by clicking on the titles.