It's always a delight to enter the world of Kit Blackhart - and I feel like I've seen her come of age in a difficult world of magic and mayhem. This beautiful cover brings that world to life for me and I hope it will tempt many new readers to reach for it on the shelf! See below for the some words from the talented author herself, more on the story, and the first two covers in this wonderful trilogy.

Here too are extracts for Banished and Vowed if you want to catch up ahead of the new book! 

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The cover for Judged is so great . . . We see a more mature and confident Kit meeting the reader’s gaze head-on. Her frank, almost challenging stare matches the girl she’s become and it tells us she’s more comfortable with her role in her world.  The colourway chosen fits perfectly with both Banished and Vowed’s covers - with the purple / silver colours standing out just enough to draw the eye. In fact the colours, to me, represent something regal and grand which I love completely.  Our sight is also drawn to the scene below the title and we see a citadel lit up by a bright light. And oh, I do wonder what that means?! The Macmillan art team has created something truly special for the final book in the Blackhart trilogy and I couldn't be more grateful and pleased.


A Blackhart’s Duty:
Never give up and never look back

There’s never a dull day on Kit’s watch, as her job involves solving crimes – the supernatural kind. She’s up against it as Glow, a Fae-created drug, goes viral. Kit, Aiden and Dante must somehow shut down the suppliers before people get badly hurt.

In the Otherwhere, Fae prince Thorn stumbles across a deadly secret. The Veil separating our human world from the Fae realms is weakening. If it fails, madness and chaos will devastate both lands – so Thorn turns to Kit for help. Torn between the Glow case and her feelings for Thorn, Kit faces terrible choices. She and Thorn must use their powers to avert disaster, whatever the cost: for failure will shatter two worlds.

Praise for the series

‘Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish’

‘Liz de Jager is on top form . . . leaves you craving more’

‘I loved it more than Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones
Serendipity Reviews

And here are the other wonderful covers: