Our designers have been putting the finishing touches to a wonderful new look for Mark Charan Newton's Legends of the Red Sun sequence, and we are delighted (in an entirely cover-geek, font-loving way) with the results. So, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I give you THE BOOK OF TRANSFORMATIONS (book 3 in the Legends of the Red Sun series) and THE BROKEN ISLES (book 4 in the series).  book-of-transformations-fc_2

There has been so much positive feedback for this vivid and imaginative series, from the Guardian, The Times, Publishers Weekly, SFX and that's just for starters - so these are well worth spending time over.

We will also be reissuing the existing paperbacks for NIGHTS OF VILLJAMUR and CITY OF RUIN with fabulous covers to match these new books later this year. And for those font-o-philes out there, the font used is Newcomen.  Don't say we never tell you anything!