Ben Peek's The Godless was a thumpingly great book one. So we obviously needed a superlatively fab cover for book two. We wanted something that shouted big adventure, that would give you a sense that this was a world removed from our own - but a world we'd *really* like to visit. And look what our designer Neil Lang has gone and done! He's only created an unbelievably atmospheric cover that screams out its top-class fantasy credentials in a big way. Just look at those guys on horseback for example. You can almost hear them muttering, 'well, haven't been on a cover this good for a really LONG time now.' They also might be muttering 'Today, we RIDE!' or something heroic, but I'd have to ask Ben about that. 


The Godless was short-listed for the David Gemmell Award for Best Fantasy and quite right too! Leviathan's Blood is just as good if not better. Here are some words from Ben on the cover, and you can find the blurb for Leviathan's Blood below that. Enjoy!                                                 


"A cover is a thing of beauty. It is the door to a world of paper, a creation of narratives, imagery, and themes, a world where you can lose yourself.

The cover you are looking at is for my novel, Leviathan’s Blood. It is a cover of blues and blacks, of men and women overlooking a black ocean, of a cold, storm ridden horizon. It follows on from my previous novel, The Godless, which was a cover of blacks and reds, a cover of first contact with an enemy who is only getting stronger, and who now draws an innocent man to her.

Leviathan’s Blood is the name of the ocean. After the goddess of the sea, the Leviathan, died, her blood flowed into the ocean. She turned it black, poisonous, and raised it to dangerous new levels. It can no longer be fished, and in its depths, among the wrecks of the great ships that once sailed the ocean, live horrors. But above, and away from that, the Floating Cities of Yeflam lie across a strait. Together they form a huge stone nation, made from twenty-three interconnecting cities that connect two continents. It is from the northern side that the survivors of the siege of Mireea have come, seeking shelter, refugees of a new holy war. They have with them an immortal man, to barter for their safety. Of course, everything will go wrong..."


Ben has also given us a teaser soundtrack that sums up all the excitement of the book for him. The link is here.



The city of Mireea has been destroyed and its survivors seek shelter, refugees from a great war. Among them, Zaifyr and his companions arrive at the gates of Yeflam, seeking asylum. Zaifyr’s immortal status might gain them access - but will that be enough? And although they are weary indeed, they also face a bigger threat than lack of sanctuary. A new child god has entered the world, and she will do anything to destroy those who might threaten her power. Zaifyr warns Yeflam of the danger she poses. But it’s too late. Priests of the new god have entered the city.

Meanwhile, Ayae becomes enmeshed in Muriel Wagan’s machinations. Now known as Lady of the Ghosts, Muriel seeks leverage to protect her people. But anyone in her way will find politics are more dangerous than the sword. Then on the other side of the world, the saboteur Bueralan returns home. Around his neck he carries a terrible cargo: the soul of a dead man. He’s been set on a dark path by the child god and he must face the consequences. For they will change a whole world.