bookbreak_1We're very excited about Pan Macmillan's new internet TV show, Book Break, a programme solely devoted to books (our very favourite subject!). Today, we are delighted to air the latest episode - featuring Tor UK's very own Liz de Jager on the sofa. The theme of this latest Book Break is the journey to publication for debut authors, and it's relaxed, informal and great fun,

Liz's first book Banished was launched in February, so it still feels very recent! As many of you will know, Liz was a book blogger for years before she wrote and had her first book accepted. And with her are two authors writing in different genres with very different backgrounds, who therefore have other takes on the path to getting their books published. These are Matt Cain, author of Shot Through the Heart and Clare Donoghue, author of Never Look Back. 

The whole programme is ably hosted by the fabulous Alexandra Heminsley, who is also an author. You can see the full discussion, below, by clicking on the picture of Liz. I hope you enjoy watching it!




If you'd like to catch up with the previous episode of Book Break too, you can view it here.

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