the-bloodline-feud2_1In this post, for your viewing pleasure, we reveal the next two covers for our fabulous Merchant Princes omnibus trilogy by Charles Stross: The Traders' War (vol 2, May) and The Revolution Trade (vol 3, June).

These books are the most exciting, compulsive near-future thrillers (with an alternate history twist) that you could ever hope to read. Cat-nip I tell you! The story starts with The Bloodline Feud in April (see our cover launch here). Here investigative tech journalist Miriam uncovers a big story -- this not only gets her fired, but she receives death threats. In her efforts to unravel what's *really* going on, she gets mixed up with world-skipping assassins. These covert operators are drug runners and autocrats, who in their world are something like the Sopranos with a hint of the Borgias. Turns out some of them are her long, lost family and they want her to join them. But she has other plans (full blurb here).

See below for the new designs . . .

The Traders' War - cover image/design:; in-house design: Neil LangTHE TRADERS' WAR

The journalistic instinct runs deep – and comes with a fatality warning
Miriam was an ambitious business journalist in Boston. Until she was fired – then discovered, to her shock, that her disreputable lost family comes from an alternate reality. And some of them are trying to kill her, previously presumed dead, for being heir to a fortune. But she won’t stop digging. Now she knows she’s inherited the family ability to walk between worlds, there’s a new culture to explore.

Her alternate home seems located around the Middle Ages, making her world-hopping relatives top dogs when it comes to ‘importing’ guns and other gadgets from modern-day America. Payment flows from services to US drug rings – after all, world-skipping drug runners make effective traffickers. In a land where women are property, she attempts to remain independent and start a legitimate business. But her her outsider ways won’t be tolerated, and a highly political arranged marriage is being brokered behind her back. If she can stay alive for long enough to protest.


revolution-trade-pb1_1THE REVOLUTION TRADE

For one ex-journalist, the nightmare has just begun
This  fabulous conclusion to the Merchant Princes series is a mixture of near-future thriller and fast-paced alternate history adventure. What this means is that we have our protagonist, ex-journalist Miriam, who messes with things she should have left well alone and ends up discovering her long lost family are like the Mafia. But - they can skip between worlds and come from an alternative timeline to our own.  This makes them perfect for drug running, assassinations and general shenanigans.

But in this all-action conclusion to the series, Miriam is pregnant with the heir to the throne in this alternate middle-ages era timeline, cue political disaster,  and in our world the US government sees her family as their No. 1 threat, and want to nuke their arses.



 Charles Stross has been a pharmacist, a journalist and is now a full time novelist, living in Edinburgh. Stross has won two Hugo Awards and been nominated twelve times. He has also won the Locus Award for Best Novel, the Locus Award for Best Novella and has been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke and Nebula Awards.

Praise for the series:

‘A marvelous romp through this world and others, told by a master of the imaginative thrill-ride’
Karl Schroeder

‘Brilliant, amusing, and challenging’
S. M. Stirling

 ‘A festival of ideas in action, fast moving and often very funny’

‘This is a rollicking, pacy read’

‘It's official – Charles Stross can do anything’

 ‘Will leave readers ravenous for the next instalment’

‘Stross’s ability to combine interesting ideas with solid plotting is one of his great strengths'
Asimov’s Science Fiction

 ‘This cliffhanger-riddled serial remains difficult to top’
Publishers Weekly

'Stross sure ends things with a bang . . . satisfying and chilling'