Wow - what a year it has been. We've been as busy as beavering beavers over at Tor Towers and published over fifty titles this year, some reissues, some existing authors and some debuts. But all, of course, very, very good! :-P

Here are some of the highlights of what we got up to this year!

switched_1At the start of the year in January the self-publishing and online phenomenon Amanda Hocking's first novel in her million-selling Trylle series, SWITCHED was published for the first time in hardcopy in the UK.

‘A prolific and determined writer... SWITCHED drew me in and kept me hooked… Hocking wrote the first version in a week which shows in its cracking pace.  It has action, mystery and, thanks to a feisty heroine and brooding hero, there’s a good deal of romantic tension’ Sunday Express

With a UK tour, loads of publicity and a cracking story SWITCHED (quickly followed by TORN and ASCEND) set the year off to a cracking start!

February was a trek up to deepest Wales with a group of Tor authors for fun at the Tor cottage and the SFX Weekender. China Miéville, Peter F. Hamilton, Paul Cornell, Mark Charan Newton and Adrian Tchaikovsky all attended, did panels and held signings. A great time was had by all including the newest member of Team Tor who decided to take on the Daleks aged just six weeks. That's my girl! 


March and we started the re-issue and re-read of Adrian Tchaikovsky's fantastic Shadows of the Apt series with brand-spanking new covers for EMPIRE IN BLACK AND GOLD and DRAGONFLY FALLING. Now coming in at nine novels (the ninth being published next year), this is a series that just keeps growing and getting stronger.

                                          empire-in-black-and-gold_2    dragonfly-falling1_1 

April had both Alan Campbell's spectacular SEA OF GHOSTS and Neal Asher's foray into a new series, THE DEPARTURE published in paperback. One fantasy, one science fiction - we do try to keep everyone happy! Team Tor also ventured to Eastercon.

railsea1_1Then a publishing event in May and a novel that fans had eagerly been awaiting. A new China Miéville novel is always highly-anticipated and RAILSEA, an exploration into a world of molers, moldywarpes and a land at the end of the rails, was no exception to the rule. Young Adult, or fully-fledged grown-up - all audiences seemed to enjoy the adventure.

‘Miéville has imagination to burn, and his ability to conjure up striking unreal landscapes and bizarre baroque technology is second to none . . . RAILSEA is brilliant’ Financial Times

We went all SF in June with Gary Gibson, one of our resident SF space opera authors. We published the paperback of FINAL DAYS and his new hardback of THE THOUSAND EMPERORS. If you haven't read any of his novels previously these books are a great entry point to his work.

                                        final-days-9780330519694013_1    the-thousand-emperors-9780230748781011_1 

And July saw the end of an era as Mark Charan Newton bought to a close his four book series of the extraordinary Legends of the Red Sun series with the final installment, THE BROKEN ISLES.

‘The story is top notch, as we can expect… each book in the Legends of the Red Sun series has improved in every way, and THE BROKEN ISLES is no exception, with great writing, an exciting story, and engaging characters’ CivilianReader

While sorry to leave the world behind we are looking forward to new adventures with Mark next year with the onset of his new fantasy series...

nights-of-villjamur_3   city-of-ruin_3    the-book-of-transformations_2   the-broken-isles2_2

From August onwards the schedule got increasingly busy with releases from William Horwood, a new Neal Asher and the beginning of a new series about sirens from Amanda Hocking. That's besides the great re-issues of books three and four of Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series, alongside his brand new novel, The Air War.

stormdancer_1In September STORMDANCER was the highly-anticipated Tor fantasy debut of the year – a Japanese-inspired steampunk novel about one girl and her griffin. It really didn't disappoint...

'Jay Kristoff's Yukiko and her indomitable thunder tiger's entertaining adventures have just sent steampunk gloriously Asian' Stephen Hunt

Alongside this we also published the mammoth GREAT NORTH ROAD by Peter F. Hamilton – he of the lengthy page extent and extraordinary page-turning storytelling. Suffice to say Peter's fans were as thrilled as we were when we also signed him up for more books to publish from 2014. We'll have been publishing Peter for twenty years next year. Hurrah!

Love Zombies? So do we. Love horror? That too! And in the lead-up to Halloween, in October we published the gory and grisly (but hugely entertaining) THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY, book two in the series written by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonasinga, plus the terrifyingly good (and terrifyingly scary) Adam Nevill's LAST DAYS about a film crew investigating a cult who seemed to have connections to the supernatural.

                                     the-walking-dead1_1    last-days2_1

November was quieter - but not much! EXIT KINGDOM from the author of REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS was published to high praise: 'EXIT KINGDOM is a sombre, soul-searching story' Speculative Scotsman

We also had the Queen of Steampunk and award-winning Cherie Priest's BONESHAKER.

malice2_2And then finally - end of the year. You'd think we'd take a break. But no, we decided to end the year on a high with two fantastic new Tor debuts publishing in December!  The epic fantasy MALICE by John Gwynne:

It’s exciting when you find a strong new voice ringing out through the halls of fantasy, and John Gwynne hits all the right spots in his epic tale of good vs evil, the first in the Faithful & The Fallen series . . . there’s a lot of pleasure to be had in this debut novel; Gwynne is definitely one to watch’ SFX

london-falling_2Plus the fantastic urban fantasy, LONDON FALLING by Paul Cornell:

‘An irresistible blend of guns, gangsters, cops and monsters that grabs you by the eyeballs and never lets go. Start this book early in the day people, because you ain’t going to get no sleep until it’s done’ Ben Aaronovitch

That's besides the other numerous and exciting titles we published in the last month of the year. Phew...to be honest, we're knackered! :-D But we hope that you've enjoyed reading some of these as much as we've enjoyed publishing them. And, to celebrate the great year of exciting books we're offering a nice Chrismassy discount off a selected list of Tor UK ebook titles over the next few weeks. Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas and here's to 2013 and lots more exciting books just around the corner!