It's that most wonderful time of the year and before we all start to break into Christmas song and croon like Bing Crosby we have to complete the Marmite experience (you either love or hate it) of Christmas gift buying. And buying the perfect geek presents can be even more difficult. Personally, I LOVE Christmas shopping and so to help you with yours I've had a browse to find some of the most entertaining gifts you could get for that special Geek in your life. Sense of fun at the ready...?

chewbacca-stocking-57169-l_1If you love your Star Wars then you couldn't possibly not adore this Chewie stocking. Let everyone else stick elves, penguins and Christmas trees on their stockings. I'm sure Santa would much prefer stuffing presents into this. The man has flying reindeer - how can he not be an SFF fan?! Sound effects not included  . . . but we all know you can make your own.

Star Wars seems to have quite a collection of interesting gifts for loved ones, Princess Leia headwear for the lady in your life and if you didn't want to leave your best friend in the world out of the Star Wars love then you could always get them this:


18029-1_1 As it is, Star Wars aside, I'm 100% getting myself some of these and baking for Team Tor.

With all the excitement about the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas episode, how is Mr Moffatt going to solve the qaundary of  Doctor's regeneration? And the appearance of some of our favourite villains - why not indulge and  snack on the edible versions while watching them terrorize on TV. Cake toppers and surrounds to create one of the most feared enemies of the Doctor - in edible form. Exterminate? Happily . . .

inflatable-cthulhu-arm-25683-l_1I know someone who would love this - yes @pornokitsch I'm looking at you! 

If you want to impress someone with the length of your tentacles . . . Err . . . that sounded better in my head . . . then look no further than this inflatable Cthulhu arm. It's 3ft long and everyone knows that no one gives hugs better than a Cthulhu - awww . . .

 Moving on.


We all know that it's only a matter of time before the Zombie hordes overrun us. But fear not because with Ms Stephanie's Zombie Be Good repellant, they'll soon become friendly - and lemon-scented. I'm not sure I'd want to be close enough to actually spray them and I'm not 100% convinced that a slowly decomposing friend is a friend for life but still . . .

We've found the perfect gift for those wet days in the UK - and there are lots of them. You dream of clashing with warriors (underground commuters) - of going all Samurai on their ass? Okay - maybe that's just me. How about a Samurai umbrella? Please note: We take no responsibility if you get stopped on the tube and checked. 


And last but certainly not least - and as a nod to our theme tonight when Team Tor is dressing up as Star Trek for our Christmas party (I'm sure there will be photos), add a bit of flavour to your dinner with this delightful salt and pepper set. Also known as Captain Kirk and Spock. Sweet!


How about you - what Geeky Gifts have you found for your loved one this Christmas?