missspent-youth_1This month we are excited to relaunch Peter F. Hamilton's Misspent Youth, and here's a free extract for you to try. 

Unlike Peter's more far-future work, this is a provocative look at the days not too long after tomorrow. It deals with that ever-fascinating area of winding back the clock to regain lost years -- and what we would do with the enthusiasm and vigor of youth if we had the maturity to enjoy it.

This was first published in 2002, and we feel that now is a good time to update the look and bring this into the same style and format as all Peter's other paperbacks - illustrated by the talented Steve Stone.

Here is more on that great story and you can also see the previous cover below . . .


Jeff Baker is a legend. He’s an internationally-renowned inventor and philanthropist extraordinaire, and at seventy-eight he’s given the world much of his genius. So in 2040, when Europe can finally rejuvenate a human being after decades of research, Baker becomes first choice for the gift of youth. And after eighteen months in a German medical facility, Jeff returns home looking no more than twenty.

The successful rejuvenation feels like a miracle – until the glow starts to fade. Jeff’s relationship with his ex-model wife changes drastically. He also sees his son Tim, and Tim’s gorgeous girlfriend, in a whole new light. As his pensioner friends start to resent what Jeff has become, he becomes increasingly aware that the world is watching. For great gifts come at a price and he will be expected to contribute yet more brilliant research to justify his place in the history books.

Praise for Misspent Youth

‘Peter F. Hamilton peoples his story with strong characters … clever and sharply observant’ 
‘Tim is so incredible real … Highly recommended’ 
‘The world created by Peter is once again full of ideas’