So we came to you with the exciting news last week about having bought two new books by the stunning talents of S. L. Grey. What we couldn't tell you at the time was that we were also in negotiations to tie down another hot property. And I'm thrilled to announce that after some really exciting discussions we can announce this.


Pan Macmillan is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the rights to develop two books taking and developing storylines from the hit TV series, The Returned. The rights were pre-empted by Julie Crisp, Editorial Director at Tor UK, in a six-figure deal for world rights with agent Ajda Vucicevic at Luigi Bonomi Associates, representing Zodiak Rights and Haut et Court TV. The Pan Macmillan rights team at Frankfurt, Harriet Sanders and Jon Mitchell will be looking to sell rights this week. The acquisition follows Pan Macmillan’s major success story with The Killing, rights to which were acquired by Trisha Jackson, who commissioned thriller writer David Hewson to work with screen writer Søren Sveistrup to develop and adapt storylines from the Scandinavian cult hit TV series, cementing Pan Macmillan’s reputation in this area.

Publisher of Pan Macmillan’s adult division Jeremy Trevathan said: ‘More and more the different areas of popular entertainment are drawing inspiration from each other and delivering wonderful experiences for readers, listeners and viewers. It’s so exciting that we will be working with the creators of The Returned to extend and adapt their amazingly compelling concept to turn TV gold into literary gold.’

The Returned was aired by Channel 4 in the UK earlier this year and has been a worldwide bestselling series having sold into Sweden, Netherlands, Israël, Turkey, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Canada, Australia and the US.

A stylish take on the supernatural genre that combines taut mystery with rich character-led drama, The Returned is set in a small Alpine village in the shadow of a vast dam. A group of men and women find themselves in a state of confusion, trying to return to their homes. What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and no-one is expecting them back.


Those returning from beyond the grave are determined to reclaim their places in the world of the living. The living are thrown into a state of turmoil by the return of friends and relatives who don’t understand that time has moved on.

But it seems they are not the only ones to have returned from the dead. Their arrival coincides with a series of gruesome murders which bear a chilling resemblance to the work of a serial killer from the past.


Since episode one, the series has received stunning reviews across the media, with viewers tuning in every week to see what happens ‘when the dead come back to life’. It has left the Nation gripped and enthralled by the action, cinematography and the compelling characters.

‘The Returned is probably the most stylish thing you’ll see on television this year’ Daily Telegraph

‘One of the greatest, creepiest, most compelling shows’ Independent

‘Haunting, moving and utterly captivating’ Cosmopolitan

‘Beautiful, naturally performed, cool, understated’ Guardian

Gil Hay, Head of Acquisitions at Channel 4 called it a ‘visceral, compelling and incredibly contemporary, the creators have taken the supernatural genre and re-written the rules’

Such has been its success that the series has now been re-commissioned with series two confirmed to air late 2014 on Channel 4.

Ajda Vucicevic  commented: ‘There’s something so special and unique about the world of The Returned that from the moment I saw it, I was hooked. Macmillan have showed such enthusiasm and passion for this extraordinary series and I am delighted that they are the publisher.’

Julie Crisp said of the deal, ‘I’m so excited to help bring this wonderful series to book form. Like many people I became completely addicted to The Returned, with its compelling storyline, brilliantly portrayed characters and stunning settings. It was like mixing Twin Peaks, The Killing and Stephen King and coming up with something wholly original and gripping.’

seth-patrick_2The novels will be adapted from the screenplays of the first two series by Pan Macmillan author, Seth Patrick, author of Reviver. The first novel will be published next autumn alongside the transmission of series two.

Please contact Sophie Portas, Fiction Publicity Manager, for more information at [email protected] or telephone 020 7014 6182

So I'm absolutely thrilled - I watched the series after a recommendation (thanks Bella!) and was completely engrossed after the first episode. For those of the Twin Peaks era it has something of that same quirky mystery to it, it's beautifully shot and tremendously acted. If you haven't seen it yet - grab the boxset and prepare to be addicted!