So after the announcement yesterday about the Tor UK acquisition of the Ben Peek trilogy, we wanted to announce another exciting buy from, yes, another Australian author! What can I say, having lived Down Under for three years I tell you, these guys write brilliantly! We're looking to publish Rjurik Davidson's Unwrapped Sky alongside Tor US next Spring. I'm hugely excited to see what you think of it. The press release is shown below:

Tor UK Pre-empt Rjurik Davidson's Fantasy Novels

Julie Crisp, Editorial Director at Tor UK, has acquired UK rights in two novels by Australian author Rjurik Davidson pre-emptively, from the rights department at Tor Books in New York.

The first is titled Unwrapped Sky, and will be published in spring 2014.  Here are the author’s thoughts on the world he has created:

“Caeli-Amur: a city torn by contradiction. A city of languorous philosopher-assassins and magnificent creatures from ancient myth: minotaurs and sirens. Three Houses rule over an oppressed citizenry stirring into revolt. The ruins of Caeli-Amur's sister city lie submerged beneath the sea nearby, while the remains of strange advanced technology lie hidden in the tunnels beneath the city itself.

“These combinations fascinate me, for Caeli-Amur stands on the borders between antiquity and modernity, between Ancient Rome and St Petersburg of the early 1900s, between the classical and the avant-garde. The stories that might be told in Caeli-Amur intrigue me, draw me in. The unhappy middle-manager, whose life is a disappointment, the ageing philosopher-assassin, no longer able to ply his trade, the captured Siren who yearns to return to her island, the your seditionist eager to ride on the wave of change that is coming. In Caeli-Amur histories collide and the sparks thrown off can - at least for me - dazzle and intrigue.”

Rjurik Davidson is a freelance writer and Associate Editor of Overland magazine. He has written short stories, essays, screenplays and reviews. His short collection, The Library of Forgotten Books, was recently released by PS Publishing. His work has been published in Postscripts, Years Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volumes One, Two and Four, Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2006, SciFiction, Aurealis, Borderlands and elsewhere. He has been short-listed for the Ditmar Award for Best Short Story three times, the Aurealis Award once and won the Ditmar award for Best New Talent in 2005.

Julie Crisp commented: “I'm thrilled to have acquired these novels by an up and coming voice in speculative fiction. Unwrapped Sky blew me away with its fresh voice, involved imagination and original storyline. The world building was stunning and I think genre fans are going to completely love this author's writing”.

Agent John Jarrold sold World rights in this book and its sequel to Jim Frenkel at Tor.