Editorial Director Bella Pagan introduces Molly Flatt's debut novel The Charmed Life of Alex Moore. 

I’m so happy that we can now shout about this fantastic new book! And what a book it is … It’s high energy, warm, funny in some places, edgy in others and focuses on Alex – our utterly modern protagonist. I was urging her on from the edge of my seat as she tries to hold her life together in the face of out-of-the-blue murder accusations, unexpected success and even more unexpected romance. I fell for the book completely and made it my mission to convert the company to my way of thinking. That was easy because the book is *totally* fabulous!

You can see just some of our in-house praise here:

  • ‘It's a fantastic story - really un-put-down-able with a great protagonist and a really clever twist at the end … She's a real talent’|

  • ‘It's great . . .  energetic, engaging, sharp; and with a very well-judged dash of humour’ 

  • ‘It's just the kind of crossover I enjoy - accessible, imaginative and compelling’ 

  • ‘It was pacey and interesting and I absolutely rooted for Alex. The revelation at the end was really affecting'

  • ‘I think the protagonist is really engaging, and I love the idea that she's become a better version of herself - but in doing so, has lost what made her, her

And here’s more about the plot:  

How would you feel if everything in your life suddenly started to go... right? Six months ago, Alex Moore was stuck in a dead-end job, failing to unleash one grand plan after another. Then, seemingly overnight, she launched her dream start-up and became one of London's fastest rising tech stars. At thirty, her life has just begun. But Alex’s transformation isn’t easy for those around her. Her friends are struggling to accept her sudden success, her parents are worried that she’s running on empty and her fiancé is getting cold feet. 

Then weird things start to happen. Muggings, stalkers and even a claim that she murdered a stranger.  But when Alex visits the Orkney Islands to recharge, weird turns into WTF. Because there she discovers the world’s oldest secret – and it’s a secret that Alex’s stratospheric rise has royally messed up.


Now onto our official press release below:




Publicity: Alice Dewing                     
Tel. +44 (0)20 7014 6146

Email: Alice.Dewing@macmillan.com

Pan Macmillan is delighted to report a new acquisition – The Charmed Life of Alex Moore by debut novelist Molly Flatt. Editorial Director Bella Pagan bought World Rights from Cathryn Summerhayes at Curtis Brown.

The novel sprints between the cafés of Shoreditch and the wilds of Orkney, giving us a thrilling race-against-time adventure with a speculative fiction twist at its heart. It's also wry and witty with a hint of romance. The book is centred around a hip East London start-up, where everything's suddenly going right for founder Alex Moore . . . So why does it feel so very wrong? Then bizarre events start occurring, including being accused of murder by a wild-eyed stranger. Getting away to the remote Orkney Islands seems like a great idea – until Alex stumbles upon an ancient secret. And realizes her meteoric success has royally messed it up. Alex's voice is hugely engaging as she faces questions such as what makes us 'us' and whether we'd be truly happy if our worst selves were trimmed away.

Molly Flatt commented:  ‘I am over the moon that Bella and her colleagues at Pan Macmillan enjoyed my book. This feels like the start of a very exciting journey and I feel incredibly lucky to have such a smart, passionate team by my side.’   

Pagan enthused: ‘I absolutely adored The Charmed Life of Alex Moore. It was exhilarating, warm, amusing and full of heart. Alex's story also touches on some very modern fears, as so many of us strive to live up to society's definition of success in work, in love and in life. I'm excited for those yet to read it.'

Molly Flatt is a journalist who specialises in the impact of technology on publishing, culture and identity. She is Associate Editor for FutureBook, Digital Editor for PHOENIX magazine and Associate Editor for the Memo, and writes regularly for publications such as the BBC and the Guardian. Her debut novel was begun on the six-month Faber Academy 'Writing a Novel' course. Pan Macmillan will be publishing The Charmed Life of Alex Moore in spring 2018.