I am really delighted to announce a deal for a new urban fantasy trilogy, starting with The Trouble with Fate, a Mystwalker novel. This is the simply sublime debut novel from author Leigh Evans. If you are fan of Charlaine Harris or Patricia Briggs, look no further for your next super-exciting-fast-paced-feisty-rip-roaring-dark-fantasy-adventure! I even shed a few tears at one point when it all got a bit too much (read it and see what I mean). It’s out in the UK in January 2013 in paperback, and watch this space for jacket art in due course.


Here are a few words too from the lovely author:

'My grin grew wider than the Cheshire cat's when I learned about the sale. Though my English grandmother left Gloucester for a new life in Canada, she never really lost her old one. Our house was filled with crochet balls, and copies of Woman's Weekly, and hand knit tea cosies. Now my books were going to be sold in the country she forever carried in her heart? It was a full circle moment. Nanny would have smacked her lips in glee for a nanosecond before grabbing a pen so that she could even up her bragging rights with Great Uncle Harry.'


See below for some in-house amazement with the plot itself to follow:

  • ‘An original and exciting prospect’ Chloe
  • ‘It’s compelling and amusing in all the right places, and has all the ingredients that make up a really good urban fantasy’ Louise
  • I am thoroughly enjoying this book … the writing is fresh and funny’ Jodie
  • ‘I love the voice of Heidi, I think she will be easy for readers for identify with… can’t wait to find out what happens! Natasha
  • ‘It was only because I needed to go to sleep that I stopped, and I did continue this morning before work!’ Lizzie
  • ‘There is a feisty dry sense of humour to her prose which I liked’ Isolde
  • ‘The voice is warm and very engaging, and it’s just a really good, fun, read – the balance between the action and romance is just right’ Catherine


And here's that fabulous plot:


Hedi looks normal. Yet that’s taken effort. Her fellow Starbucks baristas don’t see her pointed ears, fae amulet or her dark past, and normal is hard for a half-fae, half-werewolf on the run. Hedi’s life changed ten years ago, when her parents were murdered by unknown assassins. She’s been in hiding with her loopy aunt Lou since, as whatever they wanted she’s determined they won’t get it. 

Things change when wolves capture Lou, forcing Hedi to steal to free her – for if she can offer up a fae amulet like her own they may trade. But it belongs to a rogue werewolf named Robson Trowbridge, who betrayed Hedi on the night of her greatestneed. Over forty-eight hours, Hedi will face the weres of Creemore, discover the extent of her fae powers and possibly break her own heart in the process.