It may not quite be the glorious summer weather here in the UK that we were experiencing a few weeks ago, but to give you all something to look forward to, we've highlighted our 'top books' publishing this summer. 

RUIN (July, hardback and ebook)


Ruin is epic through and through! The conflicts are huge. The spine width guarantees you are going to get a damn good read. And there’s an enormous spear on the front. This is adventurous fantasy gold. Needless to say, I’m delighted that we’re publishing it this month and I’d urge you to read book one, Malice, if you have yet to do so.

This book three contains a plot worthy of the great George R. R. Martin. There are a number of point-of-view characters that display the high-stakes conflict from a variety of juicy angles. And you’d better not get too attached to some characters . . . Not all may make it. Just saying. We enter as the Banished Lands are engulfed in war and chaos. A queen who matches Cersei Lannister in cunning has conquered the entire west. A king with evil on his mind now has THE most powerful artefact. And Corban needs to find a way to bring him down, using giants, warriors and a fabled weapon. For if the king prevails, mankind's hopes and dreams will fall to dust. This most epic of fantasies contains greed, ambition, and betrayal. Don’t miss it! Plus, when this quartet is published, we have more great new Gwynne books to come.

UNDER GROUND (July, hardback and ebook)


When I first heard the pitch for this novel, I thought it sounded brilliant: a supervirus breaks out, and several families lock themselves inside a plush underground bunker to live out their end of days in style. But when the only person with the key to the way out is murdered, it soon becomes apparent that the greatest threat to the inhabitant’s survival might be inside the bunker, rather than outside. And Under Ground doesn’t disappoint! From very early on in the novel you are left guessing who the murderer is, and I can honestly say that I was very surprised at the end – there are some great twists in here! 


LOST SOULS (August, paperback and ebook)


The Guardian described Seth Patrick’s first novel The Reviver as ‘a skilfully plotted and compulsively readable supernatural thriller’, and Patrick’s second novel is, in my opinion, even better! Starting where The Reviver left us hanging, it follows gauche ‘reviver’ of the recently deceased, Jonah Miller as he fights against a society that is growing increasingly anti-revival, and a creature hell-bent on taking over the world. In a battle between good and evil, Earth’s future rests in Jonah’s hands. The first novel has been optioned by Legendary Entertainment, so make sure you read The Reviver and Lost Souls first!


SORCERER TO THE CROWN (September, hardback and ebook)


Sorcerer to the Crown is a complete delight. It’s warm, it’s witty, and - despite all the very apt parallels between Zen Cho and Susanna Clarke/Georgette Heyer/P.G. Wodehouse - it’s utterly refreshing. Set in a Regency-era London facing a crisis as atmospheric magic levels drop perilously low, Sorcerer to the Crown is the story of Zacharias Wythe, Britain’s first African Sorcerer Royal, his unexpected apprentice Prunella Gentleman, and the obstacles society throws (often literally) into their path. It’s about duty and sacrifice, and complex relationships. It’s also about DRAGONS. Not to mention ghosts, vampiresses, mermaids, curses, Fairyland, blood-magic and bossy relatives. It is very, very funny. The more serious themes are deftly embedded into a wonderfully irreverent adventure, which proves that not all books about colonialism and oppression have to be Books About Colonialism And Oppression. They can also be about awkward social gatherings and magical hijinks! 

THE TRAITOR (September, hardback and ebook - called The Traitor Baru Cormorant in the US)


Already the subject of much buzz on both sides of the Atlantic, The Traitor is the first in an epic new trilogy with a strong female heroine at the heart of story. When Baru Cormorant’s home is colonised by the Empire of Masks, she decides to rise through the ranks of the system that criminalized her customs and destroyed her home, in an attempt to crush the power from the inside. But winning the long game of saving her people may be far more costly than she imagines.  

Nail-bitingly tense, The Traitor packs an emotional punch that will leave you reeling long after you’ve read the last page.