Back in the day, before Tor was born and Pan Books joined Macmillan to become Pan Macmillan, Pan Books had a strong stable of classic genre authors. Rooting around in our archive the other day I found some gems, and some pretty garish and amusing covers and redesigned covers to boot. Check them out below, and scroll down for the chance to enter our competition.

 voyage-to-venus-3  voyage-to-venus-c-s-lewis



puppet-masters-2 heinlein-puppet-masters

red-planet-heinlein  war-of-the-worlds-wells

the-lost-world-conan-doyle  lost-world-2

witch-by-barbara-michaels  the-entity-by-de-felitta

a-maze-of-death  frankenstein-unbound-aldiss

coney-1976-brontomek  a-dream-of-wessex

dreamsnakecover  the-revolving-boy-friedberg

I'm not sure about the naked man on the front of the second PUPPET MASTERS cover . . . but love the line on THE ENTITY 'the ultimate novel of supernatural terror and sexual horror'. If that doesn't rope you in . . . 

We also first published Douglas Adams' THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, whose psychedelic cover had a long run until a few years ago when we redesigned it.

h2g2-uk-front-cover hitchhikers-bk1-cover 

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