It's a very special day when I get to say we have bought not just one but TWO new novels from the talented Adrian Tchaikovsky. There are brilliant, conflicted characters in store and a sparkling plot. And you'll find all of Adrian's trademark ingenuity in play as he weaves his storytelling magic. Or his storytelling science, as I should say, this being rather different from his previous fantasy series . . . To find out more, you can find our official press release below. You can also find free samples of Adrian's previous books (there are rather a lot!) on our extracts site. Enjoy!  


Embargoed release for: 21 March 2017
Publicity contact: Alice Dewing                     
Tel. +44 (0)20 7014 6146

Pan Macmillan is delighted to report the acquisition of two exciting new science fiction titles by Adrian Tchaikovsky – starting with The Doors of Eden. Tchaikovsky won the Arthur C. Clarke Award last year for Children of Time, so his next science fiction works will be highly anticipated. Editorial Director Bella Pagan acquired world rights from Simon Kavanagh at the Mic Cheetham Agency.

The story is set in the near future, where humanity’s woes have been solved by portals to parallel worlds. These are created by trained ‘Architects’ and their worlds can be anything we imagine them to be – oil fields, holiday destinations, religious retreats and more. Emil dreamed of being an Architect, but wound up assessing safety risks on portal worlds instead. Then one day, a terrorist attack tears up Emil’s ordered life.

A portal is destroyed, trapping Emil on the wrong side. Science taught that worlds appeared when a portal was switched on, and disappeared when it was switched off.However, Emil isn't dead - so everything he's been taught must be a lie. And if portal worlds exist independently, perhaps their resources and inhabitants aren't fair game. The repercussions could shake society to its core. But first Emil and his fellow survivors must try to find a way home.

Adrian Tchaikovsky said:  'I’m very happy to be publishing more science fiction with Macmillan, who have been stalwart supporters of my work – publishing fourteen of my books over almost ten years.’

Bella Pagan commented: ‘With Children of Time, Adrian categorically proved he could master science fiction just as well as fantasy fiction – and the genre is the richer for it. I’m thrilled to announce this
new deal.’

Besides Children of Time, Adrian Tchaikovsky has also written the ten-book fantasy series Shadows of the Apt and a ‘flintlock fantasy’ entitled Guns of the Dawn. His most recent series includes epic fantasy novels The Tiger and the Wolf and sequel The Bear and the Serpent. The trilogy finale, The Hyena and the Hawk, will be out in spring 2018. Pan Macmillan will be publishing The Doors of Eden in spring 2019.

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