We are really delighted to announce details of a fantasy epic extraordinaire. If you love the work of David Gemmell, this is for you as the author was very influenced by his work. He's also added in some magic of his own, so you're in for a treat! This epic gaol-break revenge story is out in spring next year and our official press release is below. The author has attracted some passionate fans over his writing career but is now using a pseudonym. His identity is therefore shrouded in mystery . . . for the moment at least. 


For release:  04 August 2016      
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Pan Macmillan is very happy to announce that it has acquired world rights in THE NEVER KING by James Abbott – from the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

This compelling standalone fantasy is a tale of revenge, oppression and heroism, influenced by the work of the late, great David Gemmell.  It’s action-packed and tells the story of the legendary Xavir Argentum, former commander of an elite warrior cadre. Xavir was framed for an atrocity during an epic battle and was imprisoned for life, taking him out of the running for the crown itself. Then while powerless to influence events, the kingdom he’d sworn to protect fell into the hands of a tyrant. It will be up to a few – a mixed bag of rogues and heroes – to right some great wrongs. But first, Xavir must make his escape . . .

James Abbott said:  ‘The Never King is a dark tale that has been a lot of fun to write and it has been liberating to embrace the core elements of the genre whole-heartedly. I hope it conjures up some of the same spirit of heroic fantasy that I admired when I was younger.’

Senior Commissioning editor Bella Pagan commented: ‘It will be the perfect next step for readers who love the work of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn or Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes. It’s a book that draws you into a dangerously thrilling world of intrigue and struggle, where you root for the protagonists every step of the way’

James Abbott is a pseudonym for an established author who is trying an exciting new direction.

Pan Macmillan plans to release THE NEVER KING in paperback in late spring next year.

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