We're very excited to be publishing new editions of Laura Lam's Pantomime and Shadowplay! And these will be followed by the all-new, stirring conclusion to the Micah Grey trilogy - Masquerade. 

Pantomime and Shadowplay will both be re-released as shiny new ebooks on 3rd December this year, with paperbacks to follow in Winter 2016. The final book in the Micah Grey trilogy, Masquerade, will go on sale in paperback and ebook in January 2017. We know, we know - it's a long time to wait! But in the meantime feast your eyes on these stunning new covers. Neil Lang in our design department has done such gorgeous work here:


These enthralling books are set within a circus in a world somewhat like our own – but where wonders and magic really exist. A young runaway seeks escape from a life of injustice and secrets, and the circus promises freedom. There, Micah will become who she was meant to be, yet the future also holds conflict and dangerous mysteries.

Praise for Laura Lam

Pantomime by Laura Lam took me to an exotic and detailed world, peopled by characters that I'd love to be friends with . . . and some I'd never want to cross paths with

Pantomime is a fantastical, richly drawn, poignant take on a classic coming-of-age story . . . a vibrant tale told with surety and grace

'A lyrical, stunningly written debut novel, which set my heart racing with every lift of the trapeze. In Micah we have one of the most original - and likeable - protagonists I've read in a long time. An author to watch, without a doubt'

Welcome to a world of shills and showmen, fading tech and circus freaks, where nothing and no-one is what it appears. An absorbing, accomplished debut

Set in a vividly imagined world with wonderful steampunk touches, Pantomimeis a fable-like story as beautifully unique as its main character

*  *  *  *  *