Peter F. Hamilton's latest book Great North Road is out now. And to look back at other titles, through the years Peter F. Hamilton's covers have seen many transformations. Here we present a small selection, focusing on the evolution of the Greg Mandel series, for your visual delight! Do you have these at home in your book case? Can you remember when you first bought these editions? Let us know in the comments below.  

The first re-jacketting of these covers was in 1993, and these were designed by Jim Burns:

          mr-1993  qm-1993  nf-1993


This second wave of reissues comes from 1996, with illustrations by Steve Stone:

        mr-1996 qm-1996 nf-1006


And finally, here are the present-day versions, with illustrations by Steve Stone again:

  mindstar-rising-1  peter-f-hamilton-a-quantum-murder  peter-f-hamilton-the-nano-flower

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