A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have Paul Cornell and Andrew Lane visit the office. It was a lovely sunny day so we decided the best thing to do was take them to a basement podcast studio and record them whilst they had a chat. . .

The year is 1984. The world of Doctor Who has shifted from Peter Davidson to Colin Baker and two young Whovians writing Doctor Who fan fiction for fanzines meet for the first time. A quick hop, skip and a jump in the TARDIS and we arrive in 2013 where we reunite Andrew Lane and Paul Cornell to talk all things Who and how writing for fanzines got them both started as authors.

Andrew Lane writes two series for young adults, the Young Sherlock Holmes series and Lost Worlds, both published by Macmillan Children’s Books. He is a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan and Whovian.

Paul Cornell is the author of London Falling, published by Tor. He has written some of Doctor Who’s best-loved episodes and has also written for a number of comics including X-Men, Batman & Robin and Saucer Country. He is currently writing Wolverine for Marvel as well as working on the sequel to London Falling.

In the podcast (click on the link below) they talk about how they met, working on the Virgin Adventures series of Doctor Who novels, as well as other alumni from that series like *name-drop claxon* Steven Moffat, Ben Aaronovitch, Mark Gatiss, Russell T. Davis, and what they are doing now. Listen and find out how one conversation can link Crypto-zoology, Sherlock Holmes, Yeti theme parks in the Caucasus mountains, Jack the Ripper, Enid Blyton and undercover intelligence officers who help with research but can’t be named under any circumstances.

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