We've had an exciting few weeks - reading, loving, offering, waiting nervously and now BUYING!!!! Anne Corlett's wonderful new novel. This has become an absolute in-house favourite, just sweeping us away with its breathtaking prose and dramatic yet poignant story. I'm so happy to share a little of the heartfelt feedback I've received, and you can see more about the extraordinary plot and our official press release below.


  • ‘I think this is my favourite of your submissions that I’ve ever read...Anne is fantastically talented and wonderful!'
  • ‘She can really write – and tell a story’
  • ‘Jamie is a wonderful character. Damaged but willful. Tough but touchingly gentle at times...I love it’
  • ‘The pitch is mesmerizing – what an incredible emotional setup!’ 


This novel is a compelling story of survival against all the odds in an apocalyptic future. It looks at love, heartache, the choices we make, and what it means to be human. The Space Between the Stars is also an exciting interplanetary road-trip, as a woman makes an incredible journey back to the place she once called home, and the man she once loved. The heroine of the piece is Jamie, who had recently left her partner Daniel, mourning the miscarriage of a baby she never really wanted.  Needing to get away – far, far away – she had left for a posting on the distant planet of Soltaire. The novel opens as Jamie wakes after a terrible illness, realizing she has somehow survived a deadly interstellar virus. It's one which has wiped out 99.9% of all humanity. She manages to leave Soltaire and join a band of misfits and fellow survivors, each with their own agenda, but their shared mission is a need to return to Earth. And Jamie's goal is to discover if her lover is still alive. 


So with no further ado, please find our official release below! 


Press release: 11th February 2016                                                                                        Publicity contact: Lauren Welch                       
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Pan Macmillan is delighted to announce a new deal – the acquisition of The Space between the Stars by debut novelist Anne Corlett. Senior Commissioning editor Bella Pagan bought World Rights from Lisa Eveleigh at the Richford Becklow Literary Agency.

The Space between the Stars is an enthralling novel of love, loss and second chances. It’s also a dramatic road-trip across the stars, as a woman journeys across a plague-ravaged universe to the place she once called home, and the man she once loved. After a virus wipes out most of humanity, Jamie heads for Earth. She must reach the Northumberland coast, to see if Daniel is still alive. She’ll struggle to survive, while wrestling with loss and heartache, to gain one last chance at happiness. We’d compare this wonderful novel to Emily St John Mandel’s Station Eleven and The Book of Strange New Things by Michael Faber.

During her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, Anne was mentored by Maggie Gee who says ‘Anne Corlett is a natural writer, full of stories. It’s wonderful to hear she has the deal she deserves with a great publisher – now she will fly!’  Fay Weldon also tutored Anne and called her ‘an original thinker and a very, very effective writer.’

Anne Corlett commented: ‘I’m really looking forward to working with Bella and the rest of the Pan Macmillan team.  I’ve been blown away by the warmth and enthusiasm that has been apparent throughout the acquisitions process.’

Pagan enthused: ‘I was utterly captivated by Jamie’s plight and her incredible journey – which is one of self-discovery as well as a hazardous push for home. Anne has an incredible talent and I can’t wait for others to discover it too.’

Anne Corlett has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and has won a number of awards for her short stories, including the H E Bates Award. She works as a criminal solicitor and freelance writer, and lives with her partner and two young boys in Somerset. Pan Macmillan will be publishing The Space between the Stars in late spring 2017.

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