Providence of Fire cover artI was absolutely blown away by the truly epic fantasy debut that is The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley. And so I'm delighted to share the cover design for his next book, The Providence of Fire. See below for the full cover in all it's glory and this book might even be, gasp, better than book one <faints>! You might think us editors are lucky to read books before everyone else, but my wait until book three will still seem *interminable*! 

Our in-house designer Jo Thompson worked on the cover design and she's done an amazing job in conjuring up the atmosphere of the book, using some carefully sourced images from both Shutterstock and Arcangel images. 

Game of Thrones comparisons are used a lot these days to tempt readers in. But it totally works here, it really does! if you want a tale dripping with empire building, betrayals and intrigue, told from the points of views of a number of utterly magnetic, flawed characters, you've found your next read. 

Book One, The Emperor's Blades was on the list of's most-anticipated SF/F reads for 2014 - and you can read the first 7 chapters for free here. It was also on the Fantasy Faction blog for most anticipated fantasy for 2014. And The Providence of Fire is every bit as special. My last words (okay, not really last words on this at all) are read it, read it, read it! Because if book one was a breathtaking fantasy read, you're going to need a double handful of adjectives to praise book two. Here's that cover design below . . . 


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