'John Scalzi is the most entertaining, accessible writer working in SF today'

Joe Hill



John Scalzi's epic Old Man's War series continues with this month's UK publication of The End of All Things in paperback and ebook. To celebrate, we asked our intrepid @UKTor followers what fictional planet they'd most like to visit - and why. Below are just some of our favourite responses.

You can read an extract of The End of All Things here, but if you've yet to join the Old Man's War, why not sample some of the earlier books?


Old Man's War     |     The Ghost Brigades       |   The Last Colony     |     Zoe's Tale


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@FredKiesche just wants a holiday . . . 

. . . @DavidBrockley made a startling confession . . . 

. . . . while @copybeard quoted our favourite line in movie history. 

The Force was strong with @GreatGothNinja . . .

. . . and @BookishCrusader wanted to go full-on Kyle MacLachlan. 

@Hen_Dubz is going to take his chances hitchhiking . . . 

. . . and @captainrobs broke our hearts by reminding us that planets have feelings too.

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