On Thursday we publish Railsea by China MiĆ©ville - and it's hard to cast our minds back to the start of the cover design process, when looking at the final book all its loveliness! But, never say we aren't up to such feats of mental dexterity here on the Tor UK blog. Today, we'll share a few of the cover designs that didn't make it, showing off a few creatures that never saw the light. Because before the Railsea cover was released into the wild, it went through a number of evolutions and iterations and many moles auditioned in vain for the starring role.    

The final cover in all its glory is to the right here, and see below for Railsea also-rans, a selection of the early draft covers that didn't make it to the final book.

 railsea-1  railsea-2


railsea-6  railsea-7

 You can also see here a Pinterest board of images inspired by RAILSEA