05/05/16. Silver Blackthorn is back. Are you ready?

The final installment in Kerry Wilkinson's gripping Silver Blackthorn Trilogy will hit bookshops and e-tailers on 5th May 2016. The stakes have never been higher as Silver and her friends fight to bring down the corrupt King Victor. But at what cost...?

If you love stories about dystopian futures, kickass women, gangs of rebels taking on the world against impossible odds, you will be HOOKED by the Silver Blackthorn trilogy. But be warned - no one is safe...

Check out the awesome cover for RESURGENCE, designed by Joanna Thomson:


‘Can I ask you one thing . . . why does it have to be you?’

My throat is dry but I manage to say the words clearly enough: ‘If I don’t do it, who else will?’

An entire country has been lied to. Silver Blackthorn was supposed to be one of the privileged few, chosen to serve and help rebuild a shattered nation. Instead she has been forced to become a rebel.

Tales of her defiance have spread throughout the land. King Victor and the Minister Prime want her dead; the resistance groups are desperate for her help.

Silver’s friends and family are in dire jeopardy – hiding is no longer an option. As her travels take her into the furthest reaches of an unknown land, she is forced to make new friends and hunt for new allegiances.

Final battle lines are being drawn. The time has come.

And then there’s the hardest choice of all: Opie or Imrin?


Praise for The Silver Blackthorn Trilogy

‘A strong voice and an intricate endgame’

Publisher’s Weekly

'Utterly thrilling, wonderfully original - a truly great read'

The Sun

‘I read the book in one very long sitting . . . a beautiful work of fiction. Silver is simply amazing in every way’

School Library Journal

'Not since George Orwell has there been such an effective use of the British countryside and townships in a dystopian fiction...Renegade was a ripper of a read. It tore open my head and heart and jumped inside'

A Bit Behind on Books

'Engaging and compelling throughout...I am entirely in love with this series...Silver is a character who is a gorgeous mix of strong independent woman and ditzy teenager’

Liz Loves Books

'Renegade not only lives up to its predecessor, it also shines on its own. A shining example of how to keep your readers reading - but also guessing'

Much Loved Books

‘An incredible story which is so cleverly written . . . Silver is just kick-ass!’

Book Nook

Reckoning is addictive . . . Most certainly a strong contender to The Hunger Games. I have a feeling this trilogy will be just as popular and talked about’

Book Love Bug