reviver1Chilling, action-packed and frighteningly unique, Reviver has been described by Peter James as ‘brilliant, original and very scary’, chosen by Stylist as one of the cult books of 2013, and to top it all off, film rights have been sold to the company behind the Batman films, Inception and Man of Steel. Often compared to Stephen King and Justin Cronin, there has been a huge amount of hype surrounding this explosive debut, which introduces us to the world of revivers: people able to bring the dead back to life, briefly, so that they may reveal their killers. It’s CSI meets The Walking Dead meets Edgar Allan Poe, and as first lines go, this one is up there with the best:

Sometimes Jonah Miller hated talking to the dead.

Sometimes, not always, but sometimes he hates talking to the dead. So it’s sometimes OK talking to the dead? That’s even more unnerving.

When planning the launch campaign for the book, we wanted to capture its intriguing premise in a way that would entice readers into the world of these so-called revivers. What if the reader could experience revival? What if they could talk to the dead?

Enter Blippar, an app that allows you to instantly convert anything in the static, print world into an interactive experience. Working with Blippar and Superhero Screen, we have brought the cover to life, and the results are truly terrifying.

Be a reviver

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download Blippar for free from the app store
  2. Fill screen with book cover
  3. Blipp! The girl on the cover is brought to life


After the blipp, users are invited to tap through to the Forensic Revival Service website where they can access exclusive content surrounding the book, including the history of revival, case studies and an interview with Jonah Miller.


We would love to hear what you think about this so do let us know on Twitter using #FRSreviver.

The Blippar campaign also translates across our outdoor advertising, online and press adverts so look out for a blippable poster near you!

For more information on Reviver click here.