Pornokitsch are a team with many talents. They include, but are not limited to, a great blog, relevant and exciting anthologies and The Kitschies annual awards. Craft handiwork was a lesser known gift of theirs until they presented winners of The Kitschies with hand-sewn tentacles at this year's SFX Weekender. Alongside Joe Abercrombie's hammering of China Miéville during Just A Minute live on stage, the tentacles were the talk of the weekend.  

Here's China, sporting his very own Red Tentacle for THE CITY & THE CITY in 2009:




Now you can make your very own with this step-by-step guide by Kitschies doyenne, Anne Perry. Remember, making one isn't the same as winning one, but don't we all need a touch of geek in our soft furnishings?



For more not necessarily craft-related thoughts from Pornokitsch, see their website.