This month we ask hot shot agent Danielle Zigner from LBA what kind of submissions she is on the lookout for. Take it away Danielle!

Introducing Danielle Zigner from LBA


I’m Danielle Zigner and in 2014 I joined LBA Books as a Junior Agent. I have since been actively building my list, working with some amazing authors in the SFF and young adult genres. Among the projects I’m currently working on are a gruesomely dark historical fantasy about the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, and an action-packed adventure about a reluctant super-human warrior.

I’m open to any submissions within the science fiction and fantasy genres but I’m particularly interested in books that have beautifully constructed worlds and unforgettable characters. I love high fantasy settings with epic storylines, in the vein of Trudi Canavan and Patrick Rothfuss - if there’s going to be a faceless character wearing a robe on the front cover then I’m sold. I also think the recent trend of fantasy/crime crossover is brilliant and I would love to see it explored further. It would be great to see more dark fantasies and fairy tale retellings, and more exploration of creatures that don’t get the limelight so often – merpeople, fae, sirens etc.

In terms of science fiction I look for extremely clever world building reminiscent of Orson Scott Card and more recently Ernest Cline and Hugh Howey. I’d love to see more challenging of societal norms in sci-fi – whether that be to our social constructs of families and relationships or even our concepts of identity.  There’s so much scope to push boundaries and subvert expectations and it’s wonderful when this is done well. I also love books that explore alternate forms of religion and belief systems, ones that really make you think.

Please submit to me by sending your first three chapters, synopsis and covering letter to [email protected]