Shadows of the Apt series: new artwork

28 February 2012


We have been working away at reissuing the whole of Adrian Tchaikovsky's Shadows of the Apt series. Illustrator Alan Brooks and our designer Neil Lang have done a fabulous job and now the new look is ready for unveiling - starting of course with EMPIRE IN BLACK AND GOLD! A bit of a drum roll now please . . .

empire-in-black-and-gold-9781447208600014_2        dragonfly-falling_3 And the next two ...

blood-of-the-mantis-pbb1_1        salute-the-dark-pbb-tchaikovsky1_1

EMPIRE IN BLACK AND GOLD (book 1) and DRAGONFLY FALLING (book 2) will be out next month in March. These are followed by BLOOD OF THE MANTIS (book 3) and SALUTE THE DARK (book 4) in August. The last reissues will follow in the Autumn, bringing us up-to-date with the new book 8, THE AIR WAR.