I am incredibly excited to be publishing Zen Cho's highly-anticipated debut Sorcerer to the Crown in September. Part Georgette Heyer, part Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, this is a warm, witty and clever historical adventure with charismatic characters and a brilliantly-drawn Regency London setting. 

With a book this wonderful, we had to work out a way of conveying all these points in the cover – but I think we have done it. See what you think!

sorcerer-2bto-2bthe-2bcrown_1 Sorcerer to the Crown


In Regency London, Zacharias Wythe is England's first African Sorcerer Royal. He leads the eminent Royal Society of Unnatural Philosophers, but a malicious faction seeks to remove him by fair means or foul. Meanwhile, the Society is failing its vital duty - to keep stable the levels of magic within His Majesty's lands. The Fairy Court is blocking its supply, straining England's dangerously declining magical stores. And now the government is demanding to use this scarce resource in its war with France. 

Ambitious orphan Prunella Gentleman is desperate to escape the school where she's drudged all her life, and a visit by the beleaguered Sorcerer Royal seems the perfect opportunity. For Prunella has just stumbled upon English magic's greatest discovery in centuries - and she intends to make the most of it.

At his wits' end, the last thing Zachariah needs is a female magical prodigy! But together, they might just change the nature of sorcery, in Britain and beyond.


'Full of delights and surprises. Zen Cho unpins the edges of the canvas and throws them wide' 
Naomi Novik

'Fabulous! If you like Austen or Patrick O'Brian, or magic and humour like Susanna Clarke, or simply a very fun read, you will really, really enjoy this' 
Ann Leckie 

'Magic, manners and dragons in Regency England . . . a mix of Jane Austen, P. G. Wodehouse and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and all its own thing. Glorious'
Aliette de Bodard

'A warm, funny debut novel by a brilliant new talent'
Charles Stross 

'Compulsively readable and wickedly funny, this magical marriage of Jane Austen and P. G. Wodehouse delivers love, laughs and a thoroughly modern sensibility, and will keep you reading long into the night. I loved it'
Lavie Tidhar