In a random but exciting discovery during a raid on the children's department we found a copy of this rather wonderful book in the Star Paws series.


Star Paws is a series of books where you get to dress up animals in a selection of stickered costumes. If you love animals - and stickers - then this series is for you. Of course, it's a series of books aimed at children - but why should they get all the fun?! And we just so happened to come across this edition that was perfect (or should I say purrrrfect) for Team Tor: Star Paws: Superheroes which is publishing 31 January 2013.

It's Animal Dress-Up Sticker Time!

Brace yourselves for Star Paws: Super Heroes! Meet Fatcat and Bobbin, The Incredible Skunk, Keith the Wonder Dog and a whole host of superheroes (and super-villains!). Use your stickers to dress them in their superhero best, complete with capes, masks and all sorts of fun disguises!

Nobody can resist an adorable animal - and absolutely nobody can resist an adorable animal in an outfit. In this brilliant new series, with over 200 stickers, you get to choose the outfits and the sillier the better!


So you can imagine the fun that has ensued in the office this afternoon. :lol: There were some serious discussions about what mask matched which animal, and which way the capes needed to be stuck - but we just about managed to get a few of them dressed and ready for action.

Here's my attempt at decorating Katman.



Bella had fun with costuming Wonder Fluff.



And Louise was entertained trying to work out what sound affect to give her puppy powered Super Gee!


 And if you've ever wondered what a Team Tor meeting looks like? It's usually all tea and biscuits but once we get into discussing world domination then it all gets a bit super villain's lair! We'll leave it to you to guess which members of Team Tor are which...


Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post. Although some may be feeling a little sheepish about their outfitting.