08 April 2016

By Bella Pagan

If you just can't wait for Peter F. Hamilton's blockbusting NIGHT WITHOUT STARS in September (cover reveal here) - we have a treat in store! Peter has written a wonderful novella, A WINDOW INTO TIME, and we'll publish this on 28th July this year. See below for the story and of course our dramatic new cover.

Teenage Julian has perfect recall, which means he has trouble finding his place in the world. But he really does know his own mind. So when he starts experiencing someone else's memories, which are also tantalizing glimpses of the future, Julian realizes he must find out why. And as he comes to know this unmet friend, it becomes clear that this man is in danger. Julian resolves to do everything in his power to track him down – a journey which takes him to the heart of London's commercial district, home to the city's financial elite. He can't give up, as he might just prevent a murder. 

With A WINDOW INTO TIME, we are going more for the style of FAMILY MATTERS (Peter's e-only short story) rather than following his print books' look, to mark the difference. I think it's fabulous for ebook, a bold look which will really stand out as a small image or when a reader clicks on the image to enlarge. Neil Lang in our design department has created a striking cover here. We've gone for a Big Ben style clock, to reference both the time aspect in the title and to hit a look that's very London. And the buildings give a city of London feel too, but without being overtly science fictional as the novella has more of a present-day setting. Their looming aspect also creates a slightly claustrophobic feel, which is appropriate as Julian feels increasingly trapped by his circumstances. We have the clock hands at five minutes to twelve, to hint at urgency, as time might just be running out! 

Here's the cover ...