I am just so excited about this, one of the most catnip-like, page-turning reads you'll have the priviledge to read! In case you haven't encountered these before, The Bloodline Feud is our first of three omnibus editions of Charles Stross' Merchant Princes series (originally published as six separate books).  

We are bringing these out in three consecutive months, starting April 2013, and Stross has worked through the text to polish and update the text so it's even better than the original. The books feature Miriam Beckstein, a tech journalist who is unexpectedly gets mixed up with world-skipping assassins, and starts to receive death threats. These covert operators are drug runners and autocrats, who in their world are something like the Sopranos with a hint of the Borgias. Turns out some of them are her long, lost family (Stross pulls this off with aplomb) and they want her to join them. She has other plans (full blurb below).


Needless to say with Stross at the helm, these are scintillatingly clever, the wit is rapier sharp and you suddenly discover you've been reading so fast you've run out of book and HAVE to have the next. Even if it's 3am. Cue a whole load of arrrggh and gnashing, unless you immediately get the ebook. Warning: start reading at the weekend. Below is just some of the praise for the series and that blurb. After The Bloodline Feud in April, it will be followed by The Traders' War and The Revolution Trade in May and June 2013 respectively. Enjoy ...


‘Brilliant, amusing, and challenging’ S.M. Stirling 

‘A marvellous romp through this world and others, told by a master of the imaginative thrill-ride’ Karl Schroeder

‘A festival of ideas in action, fast moving and often very funny’ Locus 

‘This is a rollicking, pacy read’ Interzone

‘This cliffhanger-riddled serial remains difficult to top’ Publishers Weekly 

‘It's official – Charles Stross can do anything’ 

‘Fast-paced and engrossing and will leave readers ravenous for the next instalment’


And the  story begins here ...

Miriam knows there’s no smoke without fire. And she’s about to get burnt.

Miriam Beckstein is a successful reporter for a hi-tech magazine. So when she discovers a huge money-laundering scam, she thinks she’s hit the big time. But when she takes it to her editor, she's not only fired, but receives death threats. That’s just the beginning.

To distract her furious daughter, Miriam’s adopted mother unearths mementos from her real mother, murdered when she was an infant. But these reveal a secret that will ultimately throw governments into disarray. For what Miriam thinks is a simple locket has the power to fling her into an alternate timeline. In this less-developed world, knights on horseback wield automatic weapons, and world-skipping assassins lurk on the other side of our reality. Here, her true family runs a criminal empire – and they want her back.

But Miriam has other plans.