We've been busy beavers here at Tor, designing the covers for the next couple of books in Amanda Hocking's fantastically immersive Watersong series. And we are very excited to announce the cover for Amanda's third book in the series,Tidal! Now, you will notice that we have chosen a much darker look for Tidal than we had for Wake and Lullaby and because we know how much our readers like reading about covers and cover design, we thought we'd explain a little bit about why we have changed the series look and how we went about this. Scroll down to read more . . . 

Her only hope lies with her greatest enemies

Gemma is facing the fight of her life. Cursed by beautiful but deadly sirens, her extraordinary powers have a terrifyingly dark side, and becoming human once more is proving her greatest challenge yet. As she struggles to break the curse, the sirens, Penn Lexi and Thea are determined to kill her before she can set herself free.

Gemma’s only allies are her sister, Harper, and Harper’s boyfriend, Daniel. Together they must delve into their enemies’ mythical pasts – to discover their darkest secrets. But Penn has also set her sights on Daniel. Soon, the sirens threaten everything Gemma holds dear: her family, her friends, her life, and her relationship with Alex – the only guy she's ever loved. Can she save herself and those she cares about before it is too late?

Isn't the cover a beaut!

wake-9781447205722011-395x600-1_1"This was a conscious and deliberate choice after much discussion between everyone connected to publishing these exciting, fresh novels. At the start of the Watersong series we’d decided to use the US covers to have a consistent, global approach to the look. However, sometimes the UK and US readers react very differently to covers and the feedback we received indicated that this was the case here. Our UK readers wanted something different . . . dark, seductive, sexy . . . sirens. So we listened, we took the comments on board and we revised our covers to reflect this. And we love them! Elegy will be publishing in August in a similar livery and we’ll be rejacketing and republishing Wake and Lullaby to match" Julie Crisp, Editorial Director

Once we knew the direction we wanted to move in, we then set about briefing our designer on the look and feel of the cover, and what kinds of images we felt would work particularly well. Then it was up to our fabulous designer, Katie, to come up with some draft cover images.

"I started, first off, looking at images underwater, searching for women under water, ink in water, mermaids and images to do with textures associated with water. eg. Scales, bubbles, underwater plants, shells etc. I wanted something really simple and striking and after a while the underwater photography seemed to feel like the right look for the re-branding. There is something magical, otherworldly, beautiful and compelling about underwater photography. The stillness of the female characters, the lighting and the colours I thought could really work across all the titles and the strength is in the actual photograph without me having to add much to it. This is the first Tor book I have designed for so it was a really interesting process as I had to look at a different readership and how I might appeal to them" Katie Tooke, Senior Designer

So there you have it. Watch this space for the cover for the final book in the Watersong series, Elegy

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