Can you believe that ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ first appeared on our screens overBuffy the Vampire Slayer seventeen years ago? Who would have thought this teen soap based on a (rubbish) 1992 film would become a cult classic and introduce viewers to the magic of the Whedonverse?  Never has a television show resonated with teenagers in the same way that 'Buffy' did.  Xander, Willow and Buffy felt like friends – we laughed together, cried together and fell in love together.

Remember the theme tune?

We know you love Buffy too (you told us on twitter) – so here are 10 of the top Things We Love About Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Enjoy! And anything we’ve missed include in the comments below!


  1. @cmccrudden FAITH!
  2. @LouMorgan The Bronze. Has any underage club before or since ever looked so cool? (Despite the vampires. Or maybe because of them.)
  3. @JayEmmTee1 Anya and her hatred of bunnies
  4. @JayEmmTee1 Willow falling in love with Oz; Willow falling in love with Tara
  5. @MisaBuckley Once More With Feeling
  6. @matthewlloyd85 Everything? The wit. @RealSMG making Buffy come alive, being one of the best ever at delivering @josswhedon's dialogue.
  7. @Tillane1 Willow.  And Dark Willow.  And Goddess Willow. Oh, and Willow was quite good, too. :-P
  8. @sarajtownsend Could be on this one a while. The fact that it had a kick-ass heroine. The fact that the demons of puberty were actual demons.
  9. @Louiestowell the fact that it caused me to meet my wife, @KarenLawler. Also, Faith/buffy body swap, gambling with kittens, and the jokes. :)
  10. @Crusaderofchaos EVERYTHING

What have we missed? Share your thoughts in the comments below